10 Best Baby Gates For Stairs In Australia – Safe To Use And Innovative

10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs in Australia – Safe to Use and Innovative

Last updated: 29 June, 2021

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Are you freaking out because your child is unstoppable and you are worried because he might climb the stairs without getting noticed?

Same here. Want to secure your child with the best baby gates for stairs in Australia that will keep them safe, locked, and 24/7 under your observation?

What are you waiting for then? Try to take a deep breath and get control of every motion of your child while quickly installing the gate lock. 

Yes, Yes I am serious about it!

These 10 baby gates would surely help you in doing the job well, so let’s have a look:

10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs in Australia – Secure Latch Design

Remember that there are many stair gate designs, but you have to focus on their ability, features, and lock function. Nothing complicated, just a piece of equipment that will keep your baby protected and prevent them from going into the stairs.

Try it, you’ll love it:

Amazing mechanism
Dreambaby Chelsea Security Gate – Extra Wide And Extension Set

Looking for a security gate for a wider area that requires a few extensions? We have you covered.

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Mounts inside as well as outside
BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gate – Easy Installation, Mounts Outside & Inside

This is one of the best safety gates for the top of stairs that you can get your hands on!

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Difficult for your child to open it
Baby Gates For Stairs And Doorways – Customizable Width, Highly Durable, Self-Closing

Finding the best security gate for your baby is not that easy as it seems.

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Easy installation
Evenflo, Top Of Stairs, Extra Tall – Easy To Install, Extra Tall For Extra Protection

Usually, normal baby gates work perfectly fine around the house.

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Installation hardware included
North States 47.85" Easy Swing & Lock – Affordable Baby Security Gates On The Market

If you want to go for high quality as well as add that element of aesthetic beauty to your space,

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Easy installation and taking down
Easy Step Extra Wide White – One-touch Operation, Durable, Dependable

Easy Step Extra Wide is a very simple and clean baby gate to opt for.

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Easy installation and removal
Regalo Top Of Stairs Metal – Adjustable, Durable, Convenient

Keeping in mind strength and durability, a Regalo top of stairs might just be the baby gate you need for your house.

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Automatic open and close
Child Pet Safety Gates Adjustable - Convenient, Automatic, And Safe

Keeping your pets and kids safe from accidents around the house is a priority for every parent.

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black - Uv Resistant, User Friendly, And Adjustable

With a see-through mesh, you can be sure about your baby and your pets staying safe around the house.

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Automatic close function
Childcare Assisted Auto Close Gate - Swing Shut, Automatic And Dual Direction

It acts as a gatekeeper and ensures your kids’ safety.

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1. Dreambaby Chelsea Security Gate – Extra Wide and Extension Set - Amazing mechanism

  • Products : Dreambaby Chelsea Xtra-Wide
  • Item Weight : 7.83 grams
  • Color : White
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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You only need one hand to use it. What you have to do is, push the button and lift it a little bit to open it. Moreover, it closes automatically with a swing.

It comes with 2 different extensions. One is 1 x 9 centimeters and the other one is 1 x 18 centimeters.

What makes it unique?

Unlike the other gates, this is extra wide. It comes with an extension set and that is what makes it so special. Some places around the house require a wider gate and that is quite difficult to find. 

However, if you want a stair gate to keep your child safe from falling down the stairs or to have it on the bottom of the stairs if you spend most of the time on the ground floor, and that passage is wide for a normal gate, this one is ideal for you.

Moreover, it is not always the staircase from which you have to keep your child safe, sometimes some places inside the house are hazardous for a child, and you have to be sure that your child never goes there.

For instance, if you have a workplace or a garage, or if you like to grow vegetables in your garden, your baby needs to stay away from such places.

Another use for this gate!

It might come to you as a shock, but you can also use it for your pets. You can use it as an entrance to your lawn or garden. Moreover, if you prefer building a house for your dog, you can use this gate as well.

The only drawback about this is that if your toddler has grown and he is smart enough, he can open it easily using his brain.

  • Super convenient
  • Extra-wide
  • Amazing mechanism
  • Works for pets as well
  • For stairways, hallways, etc.
  • Open both ways
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to open by a grown child

2. BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gate – Easy Installation, Mounts Outside & Inside - Mounts inside as well as outside

  • Products : BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gate
  • Item Weight : 3kg
  • Color : white
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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It is innovative and flexible to provide maximum ease and comfort. First, it is retractable. It means that you can close it anytime you want.

Secondly, it can fit an opening of 21.7 inches to 35.2 inches easily which is ideal. Thirdly, its height is 28 inches in total, approximately. However, it is made of plastic and it is approximately 3 kilograms in total.

What makes it ideal?

It is foldable so you can fold it when you want it out of your sight. Other than that, it can easily fit doorways as well as tight spaces. Ideal for staircases.

Moreover, it is a flex gate meaning it will automatically fold backward making it retractable.

Adding to this, it is very easy to install so no hassle or extra effort. It does not have a trip bar, making it easy to use.

Wait, we are not done here!

You will be amazed to know that you can angle mount it from the inside as well as from the outside. You can mount it on the frame of any door. Moreover, you can also mount it easily on the top of your stairs or even at the bottom, your choice.

Last but not the least, it is easy to clean. Just wipe it and you are done.

Other than that, you can also use it for your pets if you want to. Or else, it is not just limited to use on the stairs, if you have a room or a place in your house where your child shouldn’t be, you can use it to keep him out of that room.

NOTE: If you want to extend the gate you can use its extensions, but you have to buy it separately. So, if you are looking for a wider security gate, then you can pass this one. But, if it can fit the place you want a security gate for, then it is ideal for you.

  • Easy to install
  • Works for pets too
  • Retractable
  • Foldable
  • Mounts inside as well as outside
  • Fairly childproof
  • Sturdy barrier
  • No gaps in between the panels

3. Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways – Customizable Width, Highly Durable, Self-Closing - Difficult for your child to open it

  • Products : Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways
  • Item Weight : 6.01 kg
  • Color: White (metal)
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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You have to consider a lot of aspects, but no need to worry, we have made the job easier for you.

It also meets the child safety gate standards which is a plus point.

Let’s start with the best!

It features a customizable width which means that you can adjust the gate width according to the place you want to mount it on. It can easily fit into stairs or doorways that are between 30 inches to 40.2 inches.

Moreover, if you want to extend it even more, you can get its extensions separately. Its extension can widen it to 50 to 51 inches approximately making it ideal for any type of place that you want to close for your children.

Other than that, it features a double lock handle which makes it difficult for a baby or a toddler to open it, but an adult can easily open it using one hand.

The best part; Durability & Strength:

It is made using steel to provide maximum durability and strength. So, no need to stress regarding the gate hurting your children from being pushed forward.

Moreover, if you want to use it for your pets, its strength proves to be amazing in that case as it can withstand even strong dogs trying to push through it.

Other than that, it can withstand a bashing of around 210 pounds easily.

And if that is not enough!

It has a self-closing feature which proves to be extremely helpful. Let me explain it, if you open it under 90 degrees,it will close automatically after letting it go. If you want to keep it open, try opening it more than 90 degrees.

If you are carrying something, you do not have to worry about closing the gate as it will close on its own.

Other than that, it is also easy and comfortable to install. You do not have to punch any hole in your wall, it is easy to mount using the pressure.

Moreover, if you want to mount it to the top or at the bottom of your stairs, it comes with wall cups. You can easily screw the cups on the walls and when you are done, you can mount the gate. It is also locked tightly after mounting.

It is also heavier in weight, weighing 6 kilograms in total.

The packaging includes one security gate, two extensions (2.75 inches and 5.5 inches), four pressure bolts, four wall cups, two screws (u-shaped), one key for pressure mounting, one reinforcing slot, a user guide, and a warranty card.

  • Customizable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Self-closing feature
  • Difficult for your child to open it
  • Meets the child security gate standards
  • Pressure mounting
  • Works for pets as well
  • Sturdy
  • Highly durable

4. Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Extra Tall – Easy to Install, Extra Tall for Extra Protection - Easy installation

  • Products: Evenflo, Top of Stairs
  • Item Weight : 2.18 kg
  • Color: Tan wood
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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But, if you want to place a safety gate around dangerous areas like the top of the stairs, you need to come up with the most secure and safe ones.

Evenflo has just the right gate for you!

Firstly, it is extra tall. Yes, your toddler will have a tough time reaching it, let alone be able to open it. On the other hand, it comes with a two-action unlock system.

Time to confuse the toddler, isn’t it? 

Everyone knows how quickly these kids learn. For parents, it is very easy to open the gate. All you need to do is one action and it opens. So, if the kid is watching and learning they will just see you opening the latch.

In reality, it requires 2 steps to open not just one. Of course, the kids don’t know that! Hence, making it safe enough to place at the top of the stairs.

Swing it in, swing it out:

The best thing is the flexibility and controls the parents get over the gate. It is up to you to allow it to swing inside, outside or both. If you don’t want the gate swinging over the stairs, you can always make use of the removable swing stop that comes along.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Unlike others, it has a better height and is tall enough for preventing any sort of accidents. No more worries that your elder kid will topple over and hurt themselves. It has a maximum height recommendation of 32 inches. Good enough!

Moreover, it is wide enough to let a plus-size person walk through without any hassle. It can open to anywhere from 30 inches to 40 inches. Thus, making it easy to come up the stairs and pass through easily.

Do you have pets around the house?

Perfect. As it works just as good for pets as it does for babies. Lastly, the tan wood color makes it compatible with any sort of paint, design and outlook of the house. Wood goes with everything, doesn’t it? 

The installation process is a breeze and you don’t require any fancy tools. Additionally, it does not take much time as it only has a four-point mounting system. Once that is done, you are good to go.

There is one downside to it. No matter how cautiously we opened and closed it, it does end up pinching your fingers. Even though it did not seem a big hassle to me, my elder kids did have a problem with it as the older ones need to come and go and close it after them.

  • Easy installation
  • Wide opening
  • Tall
  • Opens both ways
  • Removable swing stop
  • Good for pets and babies
  • Pinches fingers at times

5. North States 47.85" Easy Swing & Lock – Affordable Baby Security Gates on the Market - Installation hardware included

  • Products : North States 47.85” Easy Swing & Lock BaBY Gate
  • Item Weight : 4.21 kg
  • Color: Bronze
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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North States has just the baby gate for you. Not only is this perfect to use on the stairway, but it is also practical enough to use anywhere around the house. Thus, ensuring safety for the entire house.

Better materials, best safety: 

Undoubtedly, the high-quality materials used to ensure higher durability and safety. The materials used are top-notch and it comes with the “Made in USA stamp.” Moreover, it has a sleek, white finish with bronze finishing to it which makes it compatible with any type of interior. 

Made of high-quality steel, it gives the strength that others don’t have. Additionally, the simple, steel frame makes it very difficult to climb over. So, you don’t have to worry about your toddler climbing and falling over.

It can only be used as an extension for the arched auto closed gate by North States. It can’t be used with anything else and will not attach properly to other gates by the same company either. 

Install within minutes: 

One of the best things about it is that it comes with a detailed instructions manual that explains all the installation steps in detail. Better yet, all the mounting and installation hardware comes with the box.

The package contains latches, a wrench, gate frame, hinge screws and pins, latch housing, installation and instructions manual along with the mountings screws. In short, you have all the hardware and instructions you need to install it in no time. 

Makes life easier, right? 

It even works well for use in larger spaces like a huge hallway and even the lounge. A total of 3 extensions can be used which give almost 32.25” of space. 

One-hand operation for convenience: 

How many times do you need to put a screaming toddler down to open the gate? Yes, even though it seems that offers more security that is not the case. The secure lock allows you to easily swing it open with one hand. 

No more putting the baby down! 

Did you just forget to lock it back? It will swing right back and lock itself. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about it. The maximum height recommendation is around 31”. Thus, making it good enough for babies from 6 months up to 2 years. 

The only sad part is that the connectors are not made of metal but plastic. Only after using it for a few months, you can see definite signs of wear and tear.  

  • High-quality metal
  • Non-climbable
  • Installation hardware included
  • Self-locks
  • Stylish
  • Economical
  • Plastic connectors

6. Easy Step Extra Wide White – One-touch Operation, Durable, Dependable - Easy installation and taking down

  • Products : Easy Step Extra Wide
  • Item Weight : 13 Grams
  • Color : White
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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To keep your child safe and your house safe from the child, you can make use of it in the hallway, top of the stairs or anywhere you like. 

Talk about specs!

Undoubtedly, it is a have-it-all kind of gate. Firstly, it is wide enough to fit wider hallways from 29”-51”. Yes, that is wide, isn’t it? 

This is possible because it can easily be expanded with the help of the extensions that come along. Unlike other baby gates, you don’t need to buy extensions separately. You get 2 extensions of 6” and 12” along with the gate.

What more can one ask for? 

Even if these extensions and this width do not suit you, you can always go ahead and buy additional extensions. Moreover, it has a recommended height of 31”. Thus, making it better than a standard baby gate. Furthermore, it ensures that the gate is safe and secure and there is no tension of your curious baby toppling over. 

Keep the pets at bay: 

It is suitable for small to larger dogs also. So, if you don’t have kids and want to keep your pets away from the kitchen in your absence, it is totally possible now. 

The all-metal frame promises safety as well as high-quality. However, the white color promises compatibility. Because of this reason, it can be installed anywhere in the house to give a very sleek and neat touch.

Convenience at your doorstep: 

It does not require any complicated locking and unlocking. On the contrary, an adult can open it with just one hand. The safety lock is touch-release and one hand is enough for that. 

Even though it requires assembly, it is not difficult to do so. In reality, it hardly takes a few minutes to assemble it and can even be done by a novice. The pressure mounts make installation quick and easy and the included hardware saves time.

The gap is not a defect:

As it is a pressure-mounted gate, during installation, you can see a gap between the frame and door latch. Don’t get confused and think that it is a defect or some problem, it is not. 

Moreover, when you initially set it inside the door frame, it will look as if it is bent. That is okay and exactly how it should look at this point. After the installation process is complete, it will flex and get back to normal and you can see that the gap is not there anymore. 

Just like installing it is easy and quick, so is the takedown process. 

Unluckily, once you add the extensions, the gate seems to wobble. It loses its original strength and sturdiness. The more extensions you keep adding, the less sturdy it becomes. Even though it does not give way or break, it just looks like it would.

  • Easy installation and taking down
  • Quite wide
  • Comes with 2 extensions
  • Secure and sturdy
  • All metal construction
  • Convenient to use
  • Convenient to use

7. Regalo Top of Stairs Metal – Adjustable, Durable, Convenient - Easy installation and removal

  • Products : Regalo Top of Stairs
  • Item Weight : 90 grams
  • Color : White
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
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 It has an all-metal construction and that ensures it is durable and increases longevity. So, you don’t have to worry about the gate giving in after a while. 

Perfect for wider spaces: 

It is very versatile and wide enough to fit spacious pages. It can fit spaces between 24” – 40.5”. The total height is 29.75” tall. Overall, making it good enough for babies between 6 months to 2 years. There will be no worry about your baby climbing up and falling over. 


Moreover, it is good enough to use all over the house. You can go ahead and use it on the stairway, hallway and even outside other doors for added protection. The only thing you need to take care of is to mount the gate 6” away from the edge of the stairs. 

The installation process is very simple. It just takes a few minutes to install and the same while taking it down. No extra tools are needed. All that is needed comes in the packaging. 

Lastly, the safety lock features make it easy to use for adults but difficult for toddlers to figure out how to use. Additionally, the rotating latch allows the door to swing easily and does not cause any hurdles. 

Don’t have kids around? 

It does a good job of keeping the pets away too. So, if you don’t want the dog out of your sight, you can always install the baby gate and keep an eye on your pets too!

Safety is further enhanced as the gate is secured with the help of a hinge system. Remember to place it on the right-hand side of the closed gate. Next, secure the mounts. Lastly, slide the door in through the hinges. 

A few minutes are all it is going to take!

The only downside is that it requires you to be VERY PRECISE. Even if you are only 1/6th” off the measurements; the door will not latch at all. So, for someone who does not have the patience, you won’t be able to install it correctly.

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Economical
  • Compatible
  • Safe
  • You need to be precise with the measurements

8. Child Pet Safety Gates Adjustable - Convenient, Automatic, and Safe - Automatic open and close

  • Products : Child Pet Safety Gates
  • Item Weight : 6.4 kg
  • Color : 6.4 kg White
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
Check Price

You can set these very easily. With its special design, the door opens and closes automatically.

When opening, it stops at 90 degrees, and auto closes just before 45 degrees. Hence, you can pass through the gate conveniently, but your baby cannot manage to do it on their own.

Place it anywhere you like:

It has a height of 77cm, and a width that can be adjusted between 75-95 cm. Moreover, 10 cm extension are also included. As a result, you can fix these not just on stairs but also on aisles and in the dining area too.

Safe and durable:

To add to its durability and strength, there is a U-shaped pin. By fixing it on the handrails, and using the circular armrest, the gate becomes more stable. Its metal construction prevents it from breaking easily, and therefore, you can use it till your kids are old enough.

Moreover, it has a dual locking mechanism which gives your kids greater safety and protection. Also, it consists of a double step pass, made of ABS. This makes it easier to pass through.

Multiple options:

Using it is quite convenient too with its stay-open function. Also, you can open it in two directions or one way. Its use is not limited to staircases only. You can use it at any spot where you do not want your kids roaming around, such as the kitchen or the hallway.

However, any entrance which has a gap of one-meter or more, cannot be closed with this as it will not fit perfectly.

  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Automatic open and close
  • Can be used at various places
  • Safety features
  • Automatic open and close
  • Convenient
  • Would not cover a one-meter gap

9. Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black - Uv Resistant, User Friendly, and Adjustable - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Products : Dreambaby Retractable Gate
  • Item Weight : 1.52 kg
  • Color : Black
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
Check Price

It is easily removable and can be moved with a single hand when you have to pass through.

In addition to using it on the staircase, you can fix it in hallways and doorways too. It works well with both narrow as well as wide openings. 

Moreover, you can even place it outdoors, for instance, in your backyard. Since the mesh is made of UV-resistant material, it does not fade when exposed to sunlight. 

To lock and unlock:

It has a double lock which you can open by pressing the button and turning the lock. Furthermore, you can relocate it as and when you like.

With an extra set of mounting brackets, you can quickly unclip it from one spot and install it on the other. There is no hassle of installing and reinstalling it. You have complete flexibility to change places, depending on your needs.

In addition to this, it has an adjustable width which can be increased up to a maximum of 140 cm. With a gate height of 81.5 cm, it gives good coverage in almost all door sizes.

However, if you need the spacer kits for some walls around your house, you will have to buy these separately.

  • Adjustable width
  • Easily retractable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy locking and unlocking mechanism
  • Extra brackets included
  • Spacer kits need to be bought separately

10. Childcare Assisted Auto Close Gate - Swing Shut, Automatic and Dual Direction - Automatic close function

  • Products : Childcare Assisted Auto Close Gate
  • Item Weight : 6.02 kg
  • Color : White
  • Automatic Closing of the Gate: Yes
  • Suitable for pets and kids: Yes
  • Operation : One-handed
Check Price

Not only this, you can give yourself a break from constantly keeping a check on the little ones, and let them roam around freely. 

Swing and shut:

Its hinge uses the gravity-fed mechanism, that swings the gate and closes the latch right away and that too, automatically.  As soon as you release its handle, the gate would lock on its own.

Thus, you do not have to worry about your little one following you and escaping through the gate.

It opens in both directions. This allows you to access it conveniently.

Extend the width:

It includes two extensions, each measuring 70mm. Therefore, you can fit it in gaps ranging from 733mm to 940mm. Wall cups are also included. 

It will safeguard your kids till they turn two. And even after that, you can keep these in place to protect your pets too. 

You can install it without any trouble and any extra tools. The wall cups are also included and its hand wheels have the anti-tamper feature.

  • Includes extensions
  • Automatic close function
  • Easy to use
  • Tool-free installation
  • Double direction
  • Adjustable
  • Does not include extra mounting brackets

Buying Guide

Baby security is very important whether it’s in the car or the house. You have to keep them under your supervision, no matter wherever you are.  Stairs can sometimes be extremely difficult for toddlers or babies who crawl. So, you have to install certain devices and pieces of equipment that will guard them from all over 24/7. 

Top Rated Best Baby Gates for Stairs Australia that I have included in the above table will give you a turn and press locking system. These gears fulfill child safety gate standards as well, plus, they are the staircase-approved gates that can be operated single-handedly. 

I often find stair gates reliable, affordable, durable, and sturdy enough to protect my kids from climbing stairs or crawling downstairs. Gates like these can be installed in other critical areas like garages, pavements, lobbies, aisles, and terraces.

So, first of all, you have to decide whether you want 2-in-1 baby protection gear or just indoor equipment. Besides, these stair gates can be used both indoors and outdoors

Choose wisely!

Types of Gates Available – Want to Know?

First of all, you have to know about the types of gates that are available in the market. Plus, you can choose the one amongst the list and make your decision right away.

The types include:

  • Retractable gates

  • Wall mounting or hardware mount gates

  • Baby stair gates

  • Pressure baby gates

  • Walkthrough/swing gates

Material – How Durable?

Different materials are used in the manufacturing of the sturdy stair gate that includes elements like metal, steel, plastic, wood, mesh, and other materials. 

Moreover, all these materials are used to make the gate long-lasting, secure, and quite durable when being installed on the staircase. These are no doubt the safety gates that can be used in the house where there are babies. 

Plus, they can be used in the doorways and between other dangerous wide openings that can cause a serious problem. 

Hinges that ensure the smooth closing and opening of the doors should be made up of quality material. Therefore, you should choose a stair gate that is best in quality, well-structured, and includes all the properties that you are looking for. 

The usage of steel is quite beneficial because it enhances the durability and strength of the gate. Therefore, the gate will be able to withstand different weights applied, a sudden push, or bashing up by the pets. 

Note: You should look for the premium quality material that makes up the gate so that they can bear all types of pressures. And also that they can tolerate the pet attack by claws or their teeth.

Weight – Ensure Steady Motion

Another most important factor that you should keep in mind is the weight of the stair gate. You should know that it should not be too heavy or too light. Gates should consist of medium weight so that if they break or fall down, it doesn’t hurt anyone around. 

Also, make sure that they can be easily mounted, slided, and extended. Besides, the weight of the gate can vary from 90 grams to 13 kilograms. So, now you have to choose the one that suits you the most. 

Flexibility – Have You Thought About it?

Flexibility is the foremost feature related to the stair gates that the buyers are looking for. Usually, buyers are looking for something different than ordinary, but they never compromise on the flexibility, motion, sliding, and mounting of the gates that they want to install. 

Furthermore, the swinging ability of the stair gate is also an important feature that you should consider before making a purchase. However, for both a lock gate and a swinging gate, you need the flexibility that will do the rest of the work. 

Nothing is more important than child safety:

Plus, this flexibility will also block the access of the children from going down or up the stairs without any elder support. 

If you want to keep your child away from all kinds of harm, then the flexibility of the stair gate is a must. 

Safe and Secure – Go Hand in Hand!

Your child’s security and safety should be your first priority. And the stair gate will give you everything you want. However, to prevent the toddlers from toppling over or getting themselves involved in a dangerous activity in that case, barriers are required. 

The swinging, opening, and closing of the gate should be very convenient and preferably they should be operated  via one-hand.  This gear is composed of good-quality latches that can be easily handled by the elders and can be safe to use. 

Make sure that these latches are not under the reach of the toddlers, therefore, they should be installed above the heights of the babies. So before buying or installing the gate, you have to take care of these features as well. 

Besides, you also have to focus on the:

  • Locking

  • Unlocking 

  • Swinging

  • Lifting

  • Adhesive door frames performance

Point to ponder:

Gates that are easy to install, convenient to lock, and simple to operate are considered extremely secure for the kids. Also, if  the stair gates consist of an auto-close system, then that is the best feature to be found in a stair gate for a baby. 

So, buyers should look for the auto-lock technology that will solve many of their problems just like that. 

How to Handle? – Convenient and Handy

Handling the stair gate is not an issue. All you have to do is smoothly interact with the technology and install it safely so that it should fit perfectly in the place, where you want to install it. 

Likewise,  gates that can be retracted, adjusted, and extended, are you looking for that kind of retractable gate? But, first, you have to decide where the stair gate will be installed. Plus, most of the users use it where there is more movement of the baby or a toddler. 

Also, if you want to secure your pets and children from any serious injury, then this is the right way to do so. 

On a customized basis, these gates are manufactured according to the demand of the buyer. You can take the measurement of the width, height, and gap lengths and then choose the gate that suits your dimensions and measurements. Most of the famous brands have all the sizes as well as they can build a  gate according to your demand and requirement. 

Where to Install Them? – Find the Best Fit

You can install the gates anywhere you want to, but some places in the house need this installation priorly. Such as:

  • Staircases

  • Fireplaces

  • Kitchen

  • Garden

  • Backdoor or Front Door as well

  • Porch steps

  • Doorways

  • Large walkways

  • Extra-wide place, etc.

Now, it’s totally on you, where you want to install them. 

Suitable For? – Child Lock

If you want to childproof your house, you should purchase the exact fit, convenient, sturdy, and easy storage stair gate. So, if you are thinking about their suitability, then, you should know that they are applicable for babies and toddlers. 

Furthermore, gates make an easy way to pass through with their versatile and modern features like swinging gates, rotating latch, and hardware mounts. 

For babies above 6 months and above, these gates can be used perfectly.  Additionally, for the smaller pets, they are also considered the best fit.

Undoubtedly, these gates are definitely a competent helper that will prevent your kids as well as pets from any danger or a mishap. 

Adjustable Width and Height – You Decide

Stair gates are also composed of adjustable width and height. The kid’s gate will be stable to be used further with the adjustable option. Therefore, the gate that can be adjusted according to the size and dimensions of doorways, aisles, walkways, and other openings will surely be the best one to choose from.

Thus, depending on your requirement they can be extended to various lengths and heights. 


Should I buy the dual-motion gate?

Two action motion of the gate is the best option that you can find in the baby gates. They can be used conveniently as well as handled easily. Its sliding feature on both sides makes it easy to install in the over-crowded area.

Can the stair gate expand?

Yes, the stair gate might expand depending on the place and the type of gate you are using. Plus, its expansion is good to keep your baby secure and safe from dangerous environments. Moreover, it can also fit and adjust in any larger openings.

Are the gate bars safe enough to be used?

Yes, the bars of the gates are quite safe and secure for the babies as well as for the toddlers. They can be used wherever you want to install them like in any wider space. Certainly, they will create a secure and stable fit.

Can I easily remove these extendable gates from anywhere?

Yes, these expandable and retractable gates can be removed easily from the hinges. Plus, it provides easy storage as well when removed from any opening or doorways.

Now, what is your say about our top-pick out of all the best baby stair gates for Australia that we have included in this table and reviews? I think you will be satisfied with the selective items that we have included for you. These stair gates are considered beneficial for both the kids and pets. You can install them anywhere you want.

Perhaps it is necessary to keep one at home, no matter if you have your kid around or not. So, what do you think, which one is the best one for you?

Ummm, let me guess?

You want to know about my top-pick? That is none other than the Dreambaby Chelsea Gate that will give you all the childproofing features that you need for your baby.

A unique and a versatile stair gate is all set to be installed in your house with pleasure.










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