10 Best Toys For A 6-month-old Baby In Australia – Safe And Hygienic

10 Best Toys for a 6-month-old Baby in Australia – Safe and Hygienic

Last updated: 1 October, 2021

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When your baby turns 6 months, he/she is ready to play and learn. It is the time when you have to choose the best toy for your baby.

Therefore, we have compiled information on the 10 best toys for a 6-month-old Baby in Australia.

Which toy is the best?

Your babies are very delicate and sensitive. They need to have toys that are not only interesting but safe too. Moreover, it needs to be made with soft and delicate materials. Furthermore, it should be hygienic as well.

In addition to this, educational toys are a very good option at this stage. They provide a healthy activity for your baby. So, have a look below and choose what is just perfect for your baby’s needs!

10 Best Toys for a 6-month-old Baby in Australia – Safe and Durable

Here are the specifications of the Top Rated Toys for a 6-month-old baby in Australia. Let’s take a look:

High-frequency warmness
Water Play Mat, 7 Upgrade [2019 New] – Portable And Double Leak Proof

Worried that your baby is not interested in tummy time?

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Vibrant colors
B. Toys BD-1477Z Toy Sets – Soft, BPA Free, And Appealing

Are you looking for something funky and exciting yet educational for your little one?

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5 Faces to explore different features
VTech Baby 150503 Turn & Learn Cube – Attractive And Vibrant

If you are looking for toys for a 6-month old that can provide ease for your child and keep them accompanied then you are in the right place!

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Best for gumming and teething
Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle – BPA Free, Bendable And Light-weight

Do you want to get your baby something fun yet useful? Then this is the right rattle for you.

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Moves its arms while waddling
Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler – Funny, Wobbly, And Delightful

Are you in search of the best gift ideas for babies 6-12 months?

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Ends are made of fabric
Sophie The Giraffe Soft – Colorful, Bright, And Lightweight

Undoubtedly, babies are attracted to colors and colorful objects.

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Colorful and bright
Freddie The Firefly Highchair – Bright, Engaging, And Entertaining
Comes with the rattle beads
Skip Hop Explore And More – Flexible, Soft, And Engaging

Colorful toys are a treat to babies’ eyes. They love to see and play with them.

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Comes in different shapes and colors
TOMY E1581 Hide & Squeak – Gentle, Creative, And Colorful

Tomy Hide and Squeak toy is one of the best baby toys 6-12 months Australia.

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A good learning experience
Rock-a-Stack  – Rocking, Comfortable And Colorful

Your baby enters into the developing age as he/she turns 6 months.

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1. Water Play Mat, 7 Upgrade [2019 New] – Portable and Double Leak Proof - High-frequency warmness

  • Product: Water Play Mat, 7 Upgrade
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12.4 x 4.4 cm
  • Material Type: Sicker Material
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 2 months and above
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This is the ideal mat to motivate your baby for more tummy time.

In case you might be asking yourself that:

Tummy time can help babies to train their upper body muscles and their necks for sitting, crawling, also standing.

Water Play Mat has upgraded fabric that provides high-frequency warmness. Moreover, it includes a strengthened double-leak proof water inlet. It also has reinforced sealing. Consequently, it prevents water from leaking. It contains 34 colors for better visible improvement.

The babies can easily enjoy the vivid marine animals displayed on the mat. The Baby’s bone development and brain muscles strengthen. They get better at color recognition. They get fast in learning how to crawl and many more things.

This water play mat is very appealing for the baby as they would like to see the marine world and enjoy it, this results in an increase in tummy times for the babies.

You don’t have to worry about the material used for this mat as it has been tested and has passed the En71 standards. It is an Eco-PVR material.

Additionally, it is portable and lightweight, and can be easily carried anywhere since after folding, its size shrinks to the size of a palm. It weighs 0.57lb and it is an ideal gift for 3 to 12 months old babies for both genders. The dimensions are 16 x 12.4 x 4.4 cm.

Worried about how to fill it?

You don’t have to worry; it is really easy. Firstly, open the inflation inlet, blow in some air and then quickly close it. Secondly, for water, open the water inlet, fill it with water, and then close it. That’s how simple it is. Now when you have to exhaust, open the water inflation inlet, pinch harder on the inside inflation inlet to deflate all the air.

Safety measures:

Babies need to be under observation all the time. Before using the mat remember to wash and dry.  One scoop of vinegar should be added during the filling of the water.

Keep away from sharp objects to prevent the mat from being torn. The mat should be laid flat to prevent any injury or tumble.

However, the water inflation inlet can be easily opened by the baby which can spill the water everywhere.

  • High-frequency warmness
  • Portable
  • Leakproof
  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to fill
  • Appealing
  • Easy to open water inflation inlet

2. B. Toys BD-1477Z Toy Sets – Soft, BPA Free, and Appealing - Vibrant colors

  • Product : B. Toys BD-1477Z Toy Sets
  • Dimensions: 21.59 x 9.53 x 29.21 cm
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 1- 1 Year
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This is one of the best products for that.

Are you ready to know?                              

Introducing these gentle and soft baby cubic blocks: The package includes 6 fabric-covered foam blocks. The children can knock it down, stack them up, do whatever they want. Each facet of the ABC baby block is decorated with a unique playful example that’ll get your little one interested in playing with it.

Their tiny arms discover those plushy, colorful blocks; they'll discover food, animals, shapes, and even the alphabets.

Moreover, a single block can make your children go into the imagination so picture what all 6 are capable of?

The blocks are only the starting of the story! This package deal additionally comes with five inserts that are interchangeable to rattle, shake and roll. Phthalates and BPA-free, those plastic inserts provide a special texture to create a sensory and flexible experience for your baby.

And if that was not enough:

It includes one block with a rattle inside, one textured block, a rainmaker, a tactile block, and many more exciting activities for the baby. The addition of vibrant colors makes these blocks more appealing to the children. It can teach your children how to stack which can be helpful for them

Assembling the blocks and coming across the inserts is surely all amusing and games, however, it doesn’t suggest education is forgotten about. While enjoying the aBc blocks, your baby is genuinely enhancing their coordination with eyes plus hands and excellent motor skills, now no longer to say that they’re mastering the way of solving problems.

But wait, let me tell you something:

Another amazing feature is that there is a storage bag available that is made of recycled plastic and it is a great help for storage to ensure no pieces are lost.

There are no batteries available nor any type of batteries are required to enjoy these fun baby blocks.

Additionally, the Mfg's most appropriate age is 0 to 1 year.

It weighs almost 380 grams with a dimensions of 21.59 x 9.53 x 29.21 cm.

However, these are non-washable which can be an issue since the babies make everything dirty.

  • Soft
  • Vibrant colors
  • Gentle
  • BPA Free
  • Enhancing motor skills
  • Non-washable

3. VTech Baby 150503 Turn & Learn Cube – Attractive and Vibrant - 5 Faces to explore different features

  • Product: VTech Baby 150503 Turn & Learn Cube
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.2 x 9
  • Material Type: Chewable Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 1- 24 Months
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Are you excited to know?

The VTech range for babies is designed to deliver out high-quality toys for infants, babies, and toddlers by encouraging them to play, analyze and discover.

These introduce age suitable principles inclusive of a-b-c’s, 1-2-3’s, gadgets, shapes, and colors.

Learn and play each day with the Turn and Learn Cube. Featuring 5 facets to explore, this interesting dice draws your baby’s interest with chunky light-up buttons, music, vibrant colorings, and many more. These light-up buttons launch shapes and animal sounds.

Moreover, you can press and slide the musical instruments to hear their sounds and their names. The Turn and Learn Cube also includes 20 exciting melodies and five sing-along pieces of music.

Learn and explore through every side:

This dice additionally features masses of sliding and spinning, manipulative capabilities to inspire interaction, and a movement sensor that triggers amusing sound effects. It helps in enhancing motor skills development, language development, and imaginative play.

The batteries required for this are 2 AAA batteries which are also included with the cube.

It weighs 649 Grams and the dimensions are 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.6 cm.

However, if the baby has played a piece of music but has lost interest unfortunately even then the cube doesn’t stop until all the songs have been completed.

  • 5 Faces to explore different features
  • Sing along music
  • Melodies
  • Language development
  • Motor skills
  • Batteries
  • Once music played it doesn’t stop

4. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle – BPA Free, Bendable and Light-weight - Best for gumming and teething

  • Product: Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.6
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 6 months and above
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Here’s why:

This classic Winkel is a real pride to your younger one.

it’s a maze of continuous, soft tubes and its beautiful colors immediately seize to maintain the child’s attention. The enchanting loop layout and lightweight production make it very clean for the little palms to hold, grab and rattle.

These bendable, soft teething loops are the best. The middle dice functions as a silent and soft rattle so children can discover the sound effect.

Each Winkel includes soft beads in the middle piece which are loud for toddlers to discover auditory motive and effect, however, it is not irritating for caregivers.

Moreover, it is appropriate for newborns. The colors and the unique form will intrigue babies as they discover ways to flip their head. They'll be keen to touch, raise and shake this captivating maze as quickly as their little arms are able.

Best of all:

These are inventively designed for gumming and teething babies. Moreover, they are soft and BPA Free teether. Babies can get a sturdy grip on teething loops. Furthermore, they are durably built to deal with maximum rigorous teethers and may be refrigerated to offer to ease the infant sore gums.

Baby teethers are suitable for children ageing 0 to 24 months.

It weighs 0.11 Kilograms and has dimensions of 12.7 x 10.2 x 9 centimetres.

And it is also available in three different colors, blue, green, and orange.

However, it will be difficult to put it in the mouth for a longer time.

  • BPA Free
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful colors
  • Appealing
  • Best for gumming and teething
  • Bendable
  • Difficult to keep in the mouth for long.

5. Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler – Funny, Wobbly, and Delightful - Moves its arms while waddling

  • Product: Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler
  • Dimensions: 11.68 x 11.68 x 12.45 cm
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 2- 4 years
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 No need to worry. Hape Musical Penguin is the best gift for babies. It offers great delight and fun for babies.

What is special about the toy?

Hape Penguin is a delightful toy. It can wobble, spin and roll and makes your baby happy and joyful. Surprisingly, it has soft tinkling and soothing music that awakens the baby joyfully.

What’s more amusing?

It is the best roly poly toy for babies. Your baby can play with it, roll it, and hit it without falling.

As if this was not enough, it makes amusing movement with the arms when it waddles. Additionally, it has pacifying music for the babies that can help to keep them calm. Along with this, the sound is completely friendly to the baby’s ears.

Coupled with all the qualities mentioned above, it is also safe and hygienic for babies. It is made up of wood and the paints are completely harmless for babies. The toy is free of BPA and Phthalate.  Consequently, this wooden toy can last longer for your baby.

However, it is quite heavy to be held by the baby. Due to its weight, it can hurt the baby. Moreover, if you have a toddler and a baby this toy can be harmful.

  • Moves its arms while waddling
  • Moderate sound
  • roly-poly
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Long-lasting
  • Heavy

6. Sophie the Giraffe Soft – Colorful, Bright, and Lightweight - Ends are made of fabric

  • Product: Sophie the giraffe
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 6 x 21 cm
  • Material Type: Plastic and Textile
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 6 months and above
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They also like the rattling sound if it is gentle and soft. Sophie the giraffe is a perfect rattling toy for your baby. Moreover,it is the best developmental toy for your baby.

How cute is it?

It can be a darling toy for your little one. It has colorful balls which are eye-catching and a rattling sound that amuses your baby. The colors and sound play an important role in the development of your baby.

What’s more?

The little giraffe is a very attractive toy for your baby. It has colorful and moveable beads. So your baby moves and plays with it. Additionally, it is small and lightweight and the baby can easily grasp it. It has a soft textile end which makes it more beautiful and attractive for the baby.

In addition to this, it is designed for both baby boys and baby girls. So if you are in search of a cute little toy, here is your solution.

However, the rattle is made up of plastic and can be hard for babies. Babies like to take all their toys to their mouths. So this toy can be a little tough for them.

  • Lightweight
  • Colorful balls
  • Sweet sound
  • Unisex
  • Ends are made of fabric
  • The plastic is hard

7. Freddie The Firefly Highchair – Bright, Engaging, and Entertaining - Colorful and bright

  • Product: Freddie The Firefly
  • Dimensions: 20.68 x 8.99 x 20.4 cm
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 6 months and above
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At that time it becomes hard for the parents to feed the baby. 6 months old doesn’t know how to react so there must be a toy that catches their attention at mealtimes.

How does it help with the feeding of the baby?

Freddie the Firefly is a toy that is attachable to the high chair of your baby. Moreover, it has very bright and attractive colors that makes it attractive. In this way by diverting the attention of your baby, it makes the feeding easy for the parents.

Coupled with these, it has a suction bottom that is attached firmly to the chair. So your baby can eat and play joyfully.

What’s more to explore?

The toy is very good for the development of the baby. It has moveable beads and balls that are spinning. The baby learns to move them using its little hands and explores their shapes.

In addition to this, it has a cool rattle sound which helps with the hearing of the babies. The bright colors strengthen the eyesight of the baby.

Moreover, its spinning rattles make the baby turn and grasp and thus make your baby active and happy.

Is it washable?

Giving a toy to 6 months old can be a hygiene-sensitive matter. Babies should play with clean toys so their health is not affected. Freddie rattle is completely hygienic for your baby as it is easily washable. Now every time the toy falls, you can clean it and give it to your baby.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to stick to the surfaces for a long time. You should be careful with it or it falls and might frighten your baby.

  • Colorful and bright
  • Helpful during mealtimes
  • Suction bottom
  • Has a baby-friendly sound
  • Comes with colorful spinning balls.
  • Cannot stick on all the surfaces
  • Has a heavy top

8. Skip Hop Explore and More – Flexible, Soft, and Engaging - Comes with the rattle beads

  • Product: Skip Hop Explore
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.9 x 12.1
  • Material Type: Plastic and Rubber
  • Color: Blue
  • Age : 3 months and above
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And if they are flexible, it adds icing to the cake. Skip Hop explore is your toy if you are looking for these qualities.

How flexible is it?

It is a rolling toy with flexible rubber material. And it is a hedgehog with spikes and has a round bottom with beaded rattles. It is easily held in the babies’ hands. Moreover, it is very helpful in the teething time of babies. The toy is chewable and playable at the same time.

How to keep it hygienic?

Keeping the babies’ toys hygienic is indispensable, especially the chewable toys. You can wipe it with a wet cloth and then dry it naturally. Thus, making it easy to clean and maintain.

What else?

It is designed keeping in view the development of the baby. Hence, making it one of the best developmental toys for 6 month old baby. It has openings that strengthen the grip of your baby. Furthermore, it can roll and toss and makes the baby move with it thus makes your baby strong.

However, it can be a little dangerous for babies at times. It has spikes made of plastic. Although the edges of the spikes are not sharp, you should be careful while giving them to your baby.

  • Comes with the rattle beads
  • Rubber
  • Helpful in teething
  • Increases the grip
  • Washable
  • Has hard plastic spikes
  • A bit heavy

9. TOMY E1581 Hide & Squeak – Gentle, Creative, and Colorful - Comes in different shapes and colors

  • Product: TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs
  • Dimensions: 21 x 8.3 x 14.6
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Color: Yellow
  • Age : 6 months and above
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 It is a box with six different colorful eggs. These eggs pop open and reveal six beautiful chicks. Isn’t it wonderful?

How to play with it?

Hide and squeak toy eggs are amazing. It is very easy for your baby to play with them. They just need a light tap on the head and the chicks are revealed. Moreover, they also chip once they are revealed and make your baby laugh.

Additionally, the eggs are in different colors that offer strength to the vision of the babies. It easily comes into the tiny grip of the baby. This little exercise makes the hands of the babies strong.

What’s more to learn?

Besides little exercise, it has more learning skills to offer.

In the box, each egg has its shape and place and it fits into that only. Once the eggs are out your baby tries to keep them back. While keeping them back he tries to find the right place for the egg. For that, he looks at the shapes and places them accordingly. This is how he develops the skill of sorting out things.

In addition to this, you don’t need batteries to play with this wonderful toy. It’s completely manual and safe to be used by your baby.

However, the toy is a little tough when it comes to the chirping of chicks. Babies have delicate fingers which may not be able to press the eggs’ head fully. So the toy can be a little challenging for your little one.

  • A cute toy
  • Comes in different shapes and colors
  • Revealing chicks are joyful
  • Develops sorting out skill
  • Easy to hold
  • A little hard toy

10. Rock-a-Stack – Rocking, Comfortable and Colorful - A good learning experience

  • Product: Rock-a-Stack
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 13.3 x 20
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Age : 6 months and above
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 He loves to explore and find out. At this time Rock- a- Stack is best for your baby. It comes with five colorful and interesting rings to play with.

How to play with it?

Rock-a- Stack comes with the rings and the base. Your baby takes out all the rings and then stacks them back. This activity keeps your baby engaged for a long time. Moreover, it helps babies in learning how to sort out things.

What else?

Sorting out the size of the ring and stacking it builds up eye-hand coordination in babies. They learn the size of the ring and try to stack it.

In addition to this, it has a wobbly base which makes the stacking a comfortable thing. Moreover,a wobbly base rocks back and forth and thus provides the baby a comfortable base to play with.

However, the rings are made of plastic, not rubber. So you should be watchful that your baby doesn’t chew it.

  • A good learning experience
  • Comes with the colorful rings
  • Has the wobbly base
  • Is quite engaging
  • Helps babies learn to sort out
  • A bit hard toy
  • Easily breakable

Buying Guide

You must have become familiar with all about the toys for 6 month old babies. Have you made your choice? No? Are you still confused? No worries, here is the buyer’s guide that will help you in choosing the best toy. Here are some qualities that you can look for while buying a toy.

Going to a birthday party?

From our reviews, you can pick some gift ideas for babies 6-12 months. Our reviews cover some of the best toys for this age category.

Can’t seem to find something of your interest? Look at the buyer’s guide we have compiled for choosing the best toys for 6 month olds Australia.

Material – Soft or Hard?

When you look for a toy for your 6 months old baby, check its material first. If it is hard it is not a good choice. Your baby is delicate so the toys should also be soft and gentle. You can look for the following material:

  • Rubber

  • Soft plastic

  • Fabric

  • Silicon

If you choose the correct material, you can easily give it to your baby. Your baby is happy and engaged and you are worry-free.

Lightweight and Smooth – Go Easy on the Baby

Babies are small and so are their hands. They cannot hold heavy toys. So you should be careful while buying a toy. The toy should be lightweight and easy to be held.

In addition to this, you should also see if the toy is pointed or not. A toy with pointed edges can be very harmful to the eyes and ears of your baby.

Colorful and Catchy – Hook them Up

Babies love to see and play with colors. They are attracted to colorful toys. So if you are looking for an interesting toy that your 6 months old can play with, you should buy bright colored toys. Moreover, it will be best if the toy has cartoon images.

In addition to this, if the toy has rattles or beads your baby can enjoy the sound as well.

Undoubtedly, these small things will hook them up to the toy and they will play longer.

What else should be there?

You should also look for hopping toys that can keep the baby engaged. Moreover, activity-based toys are also good for the development of your baby.

Beware of the Danger – Check for Sharp Edges

Babies are unaware of the dangers. They play with what they like whether it’s good or not. To keep them safe, you need to buy friendly toys for them. The toys should be smooth and should not have any edges. The edges are dangerous and can harm the eyes and ears of babies.

In addition to that, keep in mind that the toy should not have small parts. If the toy has small breakable parts, the baby may swallow it and can be choked. So it is better to avoid toys with small parts.

Washable Toys – The Toy Should Be Hygienic

When you buy a toy for your little one, make sure it is washable. The cleaning of the toys is very necessary as babies are sensitive. Moreover, toys with no intricate details are better as it is easy to clean them.

How to Disinfect and Clean the Toys

Are you a clean freak like me when it comes to cleaning the toys your baby plays with? Have you heard this statement a lot? Don’t worry. There is no limit when it comes to giving your baby the best and most hygienic toys.

So, read on to know some easy tips and tricks to clean and disinfect the toys for good!

There are methods of cleaning different toys and we will throw light on the major and easiest ones.

  • For electronic toys, washing it with water is a BIG NO. But, they need to be cleaned too, right? The most effective way to do so is to take a damp cloth drenched in soapy water. Additionally, If you want to disinfect them well, go over them with an alcohol wipe to ensure it kills all the germs.

Pro Tip: Go over the crevices and buttons twice and thrice to ensure that they are cleaned properly.

  • Rubber toys are the easiest to wash. Firstly, check if they are dishwasher safe. If yes, you can wash them in the dishwasher. Otherwise, you can wash them directly in soapy water.

  • Cleaning plush toys requires a little technique. Firstly, you need to put them in a pillow cover. As a result, it will remain safe from any sort of harm. After all, they are soft and squishy and we will want to keep them that way, don’t we? Put the pillow case in the machine and wash them gently.


Which toy material is best for my baby?

Well, your baby is delicate and he needs to have soft and lightweight toys. It is better if you go for rubber or silicone toys. Moreover, non-edgy plastic can also be good for babies. You can also consider fabric toys to ensure the safety of your child.

Can I give electronic toys to my 6-month old baby?

Yes. Undoubtedly, electronic toys are excellent for babies. They attract the attention of small kids by emitting sounds and lights. Consequently, they are hooked on it for longer. The only thing you need to keep an eye out for is the batteries. They should be tightly packed. Moreover, constant supervision is needed.

How frequently do we need to clean the toys?

Depending on the usage, it is important to clean the toys once a week or after a couple of days. Taking care of the hygiene of the toys is very important as kids this age generally put everything in their mouth.

Can I leave my baby alone to play with toys?

No, it is not recommended to leave the baby alone while playing with toys. If you are sure the toys are safe and don’t have any choking hazard, you can go for a few minutes. But, at the end of the day toys are toys and anything can happen. So, it is recommended that you stay with your baby while they play with their toys.

All the toys reviewed above are the Best Toys for a 6-month-old baby In Australia. Every toy has its specifications and qualities. All the toys are designed by keeping in mind the best interest of the babies. Therefore some of them are best.

In my opinion, B. Toys BD-1477Z Toy Sets are the best choice for your baby. They are made up of soft materials. Moreover, they help develop stacking skills in your baby. In addition to this, they have cute pictures drawn on them. They are catchy and attractive.

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